iMobile Game Design


Sketch, build, play. This class offers students with a big imagination a place to sketch and build their own video games on a mobile device. If you have a student that loves to play games on an iPadĀ® this course helps them engineer and build games on a mobile platform. This cutting edge course engages both sides of brain to create fun engaging games for a mobile platform. iPads will be provided for this class.


Students who complete this course will gain valuable experience in the world mobile game design. Students will be able to draw their own games and then utilize iPads to create and play! Students will create all aspects of the game including players, enemies, backgrounds, treasures and scenery.

Special Skills:

Students will be taught concepts on how to build fun interactive games on a mobile device. This class will also assist in developing critical thinking, basic programming concepts, creativity and effective communication skills as well as building self-confidence that will help students to excel in other academic disciplines.

Who Should Take This Course:

This course is perfect for students who love using apps already and want to create their own games. This interactive course will allow students to utilize iPads to create their own custom video games to share with friends and family. If your child already enjoys using apps and has a knack for creativity, this class is for you!

Course Detail

Duration 4 half days or 2 full days
Location 2 + locations
Tuition $125 *Cost Vary By Location
Age 06-10

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