The History of Youth Tech

Originated in 2001
Who is Youth Tech Inc.

Youth Tech Inc. originated in 2001 near the cornfields of Iowa where the camp's
founder was working on his master's degree in Education Technology and instructing
computer classes at North Iowa Community College (NIACC). It was at this time that
the camp founder was asked by the college president to put together some sort of
computer training for school-aged students which started the concept of the week
long computer camp. The camp was also used as a research project for the founders
master's degree and research the best methods for teaching students high end
computer skills. In Iowa , the camp grew each year thanks to a strong partnership
with NIACC and the camp's founder. This camp is still offered in Iowa through the community college and takes place in July.

In 2005, KC Camp, Inc. filed and received non-profit status serving the greater good and offering thier camps at a fraction of the cost of for-profit computer camps.

In 2007, KC Camp, Inc. official changed its' name to Youth Tech Inc. The name change is an effort to increase their presence outside of the Kansas City area. Even though the name of the camp has changed, the mission remains the same, "to providing high quality, affordable training for students with a passion for learning, giving them a competitive advantage in the field of their choice."

The camp prides itself on providing the finest educational programming available. Youth Tech is the only non-profit computer camp in the nation that employs ONLY life-long learners. We believe this is a major strength of our camp and allows us to provide beginner to advanced camp courses that enrich the educational experience of each student in our camp Our ambition is to improve our camp each and every year. We are able to do this by evaluating our camps each year. Our evaluation process involves our students, their parents, our staff, and by performing an exhaustive amount of research during the off season to seek out and identify the latest exciting trends in technology.

Youth Tech is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology. We continue to research best methods for delivering our camps and are working to develop partnerships with organizations and institutions to continue give our campers the competitive edge.